Saturday, December 26, 2009

Virtue Vision Voyages Language

Maori is the name of the people and the language still spoken by some of the original inhabitants of Aotearoa. Maori was not a written language until the Brits arrived. History was oral, with lots of songs and chants; most Maoris can recite their ancestral lineage, which is considered extremely important. NG is pronounced as ‘ing’ and is usually at the beginning of a word, if followed by an a, nga the g is silent. WH is pronounced as an F, as in Whangarei (f aung a rey) and Whakapapa (fac a pa pa). The vowel sounds need to be pronounced correctly too. So, to pronounce Maori more correctly the A has been flattened into an 0, sounding more like- M a ore ri. not Mow ri.

Descendants of the white Europeans are known as Pakehas, refer to themselves as Kiwis.
The Kiwi’s- have a similar way of speaking as Australians, in the same way I think Americans and Canadians have a similar way of speaking.

It’s also all about the way we pronounce our vowels. so far I know for sure that where we would say EEEEEE. as in YES or JET, they sound an I, so they say YISS and JITT . Next is the ‘i’. Fish and chips is famously pronounced ‘Fush and Chups’, and makes the Kiwi accent distinct from the Australian one!!

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teamraw said...

love being able to "tap" into what you are how is Boxing Day in NZ!

we missed you at Solstice but sang out several cheers and taosts to you and jack-did you hear us!!! lol..

keep up the inspiration...hugs to you..