Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter 2016!

Hello and I'm so happy to be back after this long time away. has gone through some changes for some time I could not access my blog to add or edit posts. Then I just gave up and got on with other ways to social media, but looking back on my blog it is a great resource to carry out some important reflective practice on life.
Seems like this is just perfect timing to return.

New beginnings.

After almost three years in London, we are planning to leave to live a country life. I thought this was a fitting photo to welcome myself back to blogging and celebrate the 6 month anniversary of our Fall Equinox Handfasting at the Rollright Stones, in Oxforshire last September 2015. It was a blast. If you would like to see more images you can see them here! Thanks to everyone who sent us photos and my beautiful neice, and professional wedding photographer Eleanor Brown for the shots she took that day.

Also to our friend Merran Singh for making this fantastic video of our entrace to the stone circle with the Cotswold order of Druids.